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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.21

Version 3.21

Released on 16 May 2002

1. Fixed bug where selector 101 for GetTriggerInfo had been deleted.

2. Fixed bug where world.echoinput property did not work properly.

3. If you supply a MUD IP address on the command line, auto-open of worlds in the startup list is cancelled (otherwise they are likely to be opened twice).

4. Fixed bug where selector 101 in world.GetTriggerInfo did not work.

5. Increased the hash table size used internally for triggers, aliases, timers and variables. Thus, looking up one by name should be faster, particularly if you have a lot of them.

6. Now loads and saves in XML file format.

WARNING - files written by this version will not be readable by earlier versions.

You can read world files (and trigger, alias, timer files etc.) produced by earlier versions, however when they are written they are converted into XML format.

MUSHclient will auto-detect if it is presented with an XML-format world file, or an older style world file.

7. You can now copy and paste individual triggers, aliases, timers and variables. These are copied to the clipboard as text in XML format. Try one to see the format used. They can then be pasted into other worlds, incorporated into email etc.

8. Now has an "import" function (File menu) that lets you import one or more triggers, aliases, timers, variables, macros, colours (and so on) from either the clipboard or a file. Combinations can be imported in one hit (eg. 3 triggers, 2 aliases and a variable).

9. The "edit" dialog boxes for triggers, aliases and timers have been adjusted to make them look similar, to avoid confusion when switching from one to another.

10. Now checks to make sure you have supplied a world IP address and port before attempting to open the connection.

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