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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.20

Version 3.20

Released on 08 May 2002

1. Alias and timer script routines now receive - as the first argument - the actual label you assigned to it, not the lower-case version as happened in previous versions. Triggers continue to operate the same as before (ie. they also receive the actual upper-and-lower-case label.

2. Added MXP entity ' - which is an apostrophe.

3. Supplied the MUSHclient icon files which Neva did as a separate file - these will give 32-bit colour 48 X 48 pixel logos for use with Windows XP.

4. Changed slightly the way MUSHclient parses the command line, so you can use it as the "telnet" app for Netscape. MUSHclient now allows you to start it like this:

mushclient.exe myworld 4000


mushclient.exe myworld:4000

The difference is you can now supply the IP address/port number separated by a colon, or a space.

5. Changed slightly the error message generated for an invalid MXP entity. Previously an entity like this: &#45x; would have had too many "#"s in the error message.

6. Fixed a problem where if you had invalid characters in your world name (eg. "*") and you tried to save triggers, aliases, etc. the "file save" dialog box would not appear.

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