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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.19

Version 3.19

Released on 04 May 2002

1. Added three new selectors to world.GetInfo ...
54 - World file pathname
55 - World title
111 - 'World file is modified' flag

2. Fixed bug where MUSHclient would crash on opening a world if MXP was not enabled.

3. Fixed bug where MUSHclient crashed doing reconnect on disconnect.

4. Added new option for timers "active when disconnected".

This allows you to have timers fire when the world is disconnected. The purposed of this is to allow you to write an "automatic reconnect" script that reconnects. An example of doing this would be:

Timer: Every 10 seconds
Active when disconnected: checked
Label: CheckConnected
Script: CheckConnected

... and in the script file

sub ReConnect (sTimerName)
' reconnect if:
' a) closed (getinfo - 106) ; and
' b) not already connecting (world.getinfo - 107)
if world.getinfo (106) and not world.getinfo (107) then
world.note "Reconnecting to closed world..."
end if

end sub

5. Added new global option "Notify me if unable to connect". Previously this was hard coded as the default. By unchecking that option, you eliminate the "unable to connect ..." dialog box. You would do this in conjunction with a script (like the one above), so that the script could keep attempting to reconnect without dozens of dialog boxes appearing.

By using (4) and (5) together you can make a simple system of "automatic connect" which retries as many times as you want, as often as you want. You can control the retry time by adjusting the timer fire rate, and you could build a limit into the script of the number of times it retried.

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