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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.17

Version 3.17

Released on 26 Aug 2001

1. Fixed bug where MXP "flag" attributes were not setting variables.

2. Added extra error message to handle the erroneous situation where MXP element definitions try to close a tag, eg.

<!ELEMENT foo '</bold>' >

3. Added extra error message to handle the erroneous situation where MXP element definitions try to have a definition inside a definition, eg.

<!ELEMENT foo '<!ELEMENT bar ... >' >

These two situations were caught before as errors, but with not as helpful an error message.

4. When logging "as HTML" there is now an option to have the HTML written out include text colour and underlines. To make this come out nicely your log file preamble/postamble should look something like this:


<title>Log of xxx MUD session</title>

<table border=0 cellpadding=5 bgcolor="#000000">
<pre><code><font size=2 face="FixedSys, Lucida Console, Courier New, Courier">




5. Amended the way that MXP debugging is written to the debug window. The debug message number is now included, making it easier to cross-reference the debug message with the error explanations, and also making it easier to do a quick find (in the notepad) for certain types of errors. The new message format looks like this:

I 10008: ( 25) MXP mode change from 'open' to 'permanently locked'
I 10007: ( 38) MXP turned on.
A 20000: ( 38) MXP element: <VERSION>
W 5000: ( 38) Replacing previously-defined MXP element: <tl-nm_rp_tlnm>

Basically the difference is the addition of the message number after the Error/Warning/Information code letter.

It is also useful to know this number if you are going to write a script routine to suppress certain error/warning messages.

6. Added new MXP tag <option>. This works similarly to <support>, except that it lets the server query MUSHclient to find which options are set. eg.

Server sends: <option mud_can_change_link_colour>
Client responds: <OPTIONS mud_can_change_link_colour=0>

The intention here is for a server to detect client options and advise players to turn on or off certain client options for an optimumal playing experience.

For example:

Server sends: <option wrap_column>
Client responds: <OPTIONS wrap_column=40>
Server sends: For optimal viewing of messages on this MUD
you are recommended to set your page width to 80 or more.

Other options a server might advise you to change are "enable MXP", "underline hyperlinks", and so on. The design intention here is that the server can *advise* (but not force) players to change their settings for improved gameplay.

Note that only numeric options are sent, plus yes/no settings. Text options (such as passwords) cannot be queried.

The exact list of options that can be queried can be established by turning scripting on, and typing into the command window:

/world.debug "options"

If the server sends "<option>" on its own, all option settings will be sent.

7. New action button for triggers and aliases "convert to regular expression".

This lets you turn a non-regular expression match string into a regular expression with a single click. You can then modify the regular expression to make it more complex if you want. It automatically turns wildcards into (.*?) and "escapes" any other non-alphabetic characters with a backslash.

Internally MUSHclient uses this method anyway for all non-regular expressions matches, so there is no speed penalty for using a regular expression instead of a "normal" trigger or alias.

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