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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.15

Version 3.15

Released on 13 Jul 2001

1. Fixed a problem where you could turn "auto-say" on even if the auto-say string was empty. Now you must make sure that the "auto-say" string is not empty before you can turn auto-say on. (The auto-say string is what is put in front of your typing, eg. "chat", "say" or similar).

2. Fixed a bug with auto-say where sending a macro or numeric keypad direction would do two things wrongly:
a) It would put "say" in front of them
b) It would turn auto-say off.

Now you can use the numeric keypad to navigate even with auto-say turned on, without looking silly by sending "say north".

3. The configuration option "auto repeat last command" now defaults to off (when creating a new world).

4. Fixed a bug where any commands queued at a "speedwalk delay rate" (eg. delayed speedwalks, queued commands) would send a blank command rather than the command that was supposed to be sent.

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