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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.14

Version 3.14
Version 3.14.1

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Version 3.14

Released on 11 Jul 2001

1. Fixed problem where if you disconnected from a world while it was connecting (ie. before it had connected) you would still see a "disconnected" message in the output window, possibly giving an erroneous time connected (eg. 30 minutes).

2. Fixed problem where while you are connecting to a world the window title does not update (to "connecting to ...") unless you switch to another window and back again.

3. Added new feature - "repeat last word". Quite often on a MUD you want to do a number of things to the same target, eg.

cons goblin
kill goblin
kick goblin
cast 'golden fire' goblin
look goblin

To save having to rekey the target word, MUSHclient now offers a keystroke that will do that for you - Ctrl+Backspace. Pressing Ctrl+Backspace will place at the insertion point (in the command window) the last word from the previous command in the command history. A "word" in this case is defined as "something with a space before it". If there is no space in the previous line then the entire line is recalled.

Therefore in the example above you would type:

cons goblin
kill Ctrl+Backspace
kick Ctrl+Backspace
cast 'golden fire' Ctrl+Backspace
look Ctrl+Backspace

4. Added an global option "Regular expression can match on an empty string". This defaults to off, the previous behaviour.

With this checked, a regular expression can match an empty string, which is useful for detecting, for example, empty lines. If you want to make a trigger to omit blank lines (or lines consisting of only spaces) from your output window, you could match on this:

Trigger: ^[ ]*$
Regular Expression: checked
Omit from output: checked

5. Added scripting method "Pause". This lets you pause all the output windows for a particular world.


world.Pause vbTrue ' pause all windows
world.Pause vbFalse ' un-pause all windows

6. Added scripting method "Open". This lets you open a MUSHclient world file, or a text file (in the built-in notepad).


world.Open "smaug.mcl" ' open world file
world.Open "c:/test.txt" ' open text file

This function returns an object reference to the opened document, which you can then use for further scripting operations. eg.

dim oNewWorld ' variable
set oNewWorld = world.Open ("smaug.mcl") ' open another world
if not (oNewWorld is nothing) then
oNewWorld.Note "Here is a message for the other world"
end if

If the named document is already open then "open" does *not* open another copy, rather it activates that document (brings it to the front).

If the document cannot be opened then "open" returns NULL - which you can test in VBscript by testing for "is nothing".

7. Fixed problem where if you had MXP to "Yes - always" and you connected to a Pueblo-enabled world, the Pueblo strings would not be recognised.

8. Fixed bug where, when using the colour picker, and the Windows clipboard did not contain text, you would repeatedly get the message "Unable to get Clipboard data" - actually fixed in 3.14.1.

9. You can now make a custom menu of actions. To do this, add the desired actions as aliases, and check the "menu" box. Then hold down the control key, and left-mouse-click on the output window, and a menu will appear of the aliases you have selected (you can let go of the Control key once the menu appears). Choosing one of those menu items will send the alias response (which can be a speedwalk). There is a limit of 30 items that will appear on the menu. The menu items are named from the alias *label*, with underscores changed to spaces. These items are sorted into alphabetic order. Thus for example:

Alias: STORE
Send: 4n 3e w
Speed Walk: checked
Label: Go_To_Store
Menu: checked

In this case the menu item would be "Go To Store".

Any script associated with the alias will be executed. The alias will appear on the menu even if the "enabled" checkbox is not checked. Thus you can (if you wish) make up meaningless "match" text and uncheck "enabled" - thus making "menu-only" alias items.

If you bring up the menu by mistake, you can dismiss it by clicking outside the menu, or pressing the "Esc" key.

10. Added special warning for the auto-mapper. If you open the auto-map dialog box, MUSHclient automatically checks the "enabled" box, under the assumption that you want to start mapping. However if you then cancel that dialog, mapping is not enabled, even though it seems like it was already on. There is now a test for that special case (which can be quite frustrating), with an option to enable it.

11. Added a new trigger option "send to variable". This provides a quick way of letting a trigger set a variable's contents without having to write a script.

For example, you could match on a line like this:

A guard hits you.

Match on: A * hits you.
Send: %1
Send to: variable
Label: monster

In this example, the match causes the variable "monster" to be set to the word "guard".

12. You can now have duplicate triggers, if they "send to" different places. Thus you can have two triggers, one that sets a variable, and another one (that matches on the same thing) that sends a response back to the world.

13. When using a macro key, or numeric keypad, to send text to the command window, that can now be undone (Ctrl+Z) if the key was pressed by mistake.

Version 3.14.1

Released on 12 Jul 2001

1. Fixed bug where, when using the colour picker, and the Windows clipboard did not contain text, you would repeatedly get the message "Unable to get Clipboard data".

2. Added feature to colour picker where if you have a colour *name* on the clipboard (ie. one of the names in the colour picker's list of names) then the "paste" button becomes active, and you can paste in a colour by name.

eg. red, blue, green, whitesmoke, purple

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