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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.11

Version 3.11

Released on 21 Jun 2001

1. Added a warning to the trigger editor, to warn you if you are sending to anything other than the world, but have left the "send" text empty. There is not much point to doing this intentionally, and the warning advises you to use %0 if you want to send the whole text somewhere else (eg. a notepad window).

2. Changed AppendToNotepad (from the script, and also from a trigger) to *not* make the notepad window active when it is created, which is consistent with the rest of the time the window is written to (suggestion #347).

3. When MXP starts up it now deletes any existing custom elements and entities. This is so you don't get a heap of warnings as they are redefined when you reconnect, and also so that you have a way of getting rid of them (ie. turn MXP off and on again).

4. Changed the MXP <p> tag to start a newline when </p> is reached.

5. Fixed problem where if MXP was forced on (ie. set to "always on") it wasn't turned back on after a disconnect/reconnect.

6. The "go to line" function now remembers the last line you went to and offers that as the default in the dialog box.

7. Fixed problem where MXP was not turned off on a world disconnect.

8. Fixed bug in "packet debug" where some characters would be erroneously shown, in hex, as FF (eg. FD would be shown as FF).

9. If you have auto-repeat commands checked, this is temporarily disabled if the MUD has turned echoing off, so that passwords do not appear in the command window after you have sent them.

10. Added telnet negotiation option "Negotiate About Window Size" (NAWS) - this is to let a server know how big the MUSHclient window is. See RFC 1073 for details.

11. Now accept ".js" as an extension for JScript files, as well as ".jvs".

12. If there is a missing script subroutine, the error message now states the label (ie. name) of the trigger/alias/timer that attempted to call it. This lets you find and amend the appropriate item, without having to look at each one.

13. Added a "gag" example script to the exampscript.vbs file. This shows how you can make a script to quickly gag annoying players.

14. Fixed bug where if you made a multi-line command (with Ctrl+Enter) only the first line would be coloured in the "input" colour.

15. Added a new script routine "Version" so you can find the MUSHclient version from a script.

16. Fixed a bug where if a trigger sent multiple lines to the world, only the first would be coloured in the "input" colour.

17. Fixed a bug where if a trigger sent multiple lines to the world, every line except the first was considered to be *from* the world, and was re-parsed for matching triggers. This could send MUSHclient into a loop, with a stack overflow, if the word the trigger was matching on was in the text sent back to the world.

18. Fixed bug where triggers would not match the very first line received from the MUD.

19. Fixed bug where MUSHclient would crash if the MXP <BR> tag was received on a blank line.

20. Implemented the MXP tags: <HR>, <UL>, <OL>, <LI>, <PRE>, <SAMP>

21. Added some support for Pueblo-enabled worlds (versions 1.0 and 1.10).

22. Changed warning about unused MXP arguments to say which tag did not use its arguments.

23. Added the amount of time spent decompressing MCCP into the Configuration -> Info window.

24. Changed the various places where you can choose colours to use the new colour picker dialog.

25. Added an option to choose your hyperlink colour for MXP hyperlinks (rather than using the default text colour.

26. Fixed bug where MUSHclient would crash if you had "indent paragraphs" unchecked, and the very last character on the line was a space.

27. Fixed bug where if ANSI colour codes were received after RGB colour codes, the ANSI codes were interpreted as RGB (eg. ANSI Yellow would have simply come out as RGB (3, 0, 0) which is very close to black).

28. Fixed bug where if ANSI colour codes were received inside a <send href="blah"> tag, the "blah" send text was discarded.

29. Fixed bug where on a line which ended in a hyperlink, the mouse pointer would stay as a "hand" right over to the RH edge of the screen, rather than turning back into the "I-beam" cursor once past the hyperlink. Fixed related bugs where left or right-mouse clicking would do the same thing.

30. Added option to ignore attempts by the server to turn off command echoing.

31. Implemented the MXP/Pueblo <IMG> tag to a certain extent. If you receive an IMG tag MUSHclient will generate a hyperlink that you can click on to open that image in your current web browser.

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