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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.06

Version 3.06

Released on 22 May 2001

1. Fixed bug where MUSHclient would crash while trying to display an error message about failure to decompress using MCCP compression protocol.

2. Amended the way MUSHclient negotiates MCCP version 2, to cope with servers that incorrectly send two "start compression now" sequences.

3. MUSHclient now uses the NullSoft NSIS installer engine. Using the new installer the MUSHclient download is (for version 3.05) 1,111 Kb whereas the old installer required a 1,412 Kb download. This is a saving of 301 Kb, for the same functionality. It is possible that there will be some teething problems with the new installer. Please report any installation problems, including details, so we can fix them.

You can read about NSIS at:


4. Removed the 8 default triggers that MUSHclient automatically generated when you created a new world. This was originally intended to make playing a MUSH more interesting, but is just plain confusing for people playing Diku-style MUDs, because the triggers would colour the "prompt" line in an unexpected way.

For the record, in case you want to add them to worlds yourself, if playing a MUSH, here they are:

a. Chat channels, eg. <newbie> Gandalf says, hello


b. Pages, eg. Gandalf pages, hello

^\w+ pages.*$

c. Whispers, eg. Gandalf whispers, hello

^\w+ whispers.*$

All of the above are "regular expressions".

d. Page-poses, eg. From afar, Gandalf smiles

From afar,*

e. Game messages, eg. GAME: shutdown in 5 minutes


f. Mail message, eg. MAIL: you have mail


g. Whisper poses, eg. You sense: Gandalf smiles

You sense:*


5. In the Global Preferences -> Worlds configuration screen you can now click on the "Add Current World" button to have the current (ie. topmost) world automatically opened next time you start MUSHclient. This button is greyed out if the current world has not yet been saved to disk (and thus doesn't have a file name yet).

6. Changed world configuration screen to make it slightly smaller so it will hopefully fit onto low-resolution (640 X 480) displays (bug #385).

7. Fixed bug where pressing Alt+Up-arrow after typing in a word would match on the second-last such line containing that word, not the last (bug #362).

8. Added option to match on a previous command by typing in a word and then pressing up-arrow *without* having to press Alt (suggestion #316).

9. Attempted to fix problems with using up-arrow and down-arrow to cycle through the command history buffer, with or without Alt. This is fiddly to get right - if you believe it is not working properly please give details (see bug #362 for an example).

10. Fixed bug with matching case on Alt+up-arrow (see bug #373).

11. The installer will now create a "worlds" and "logs" subdirectory (of the installation directory), and configure MUSHclient to use those directories as the default place to put world files and logs into. However if you already have directories for these purposes configured, nothing will be changed.

12. Fixed bug where if you created a new world, and then closed that world (without saving it), when you were prompted to save the world and said "yes", the default save directory offered was not the MUSHclient default worlds directory.

13. When using the "random character name generator" MUSHclient now remembers which name file you used last time, and re-uses that if it can.

14. Random character name generator dialog now shows the current "name generation" file name, plus has a browse button ("...") to let you change it without exiting the dialog.

15. Random character name generator now ignores comment lines (starting with "/*) in the character name files.

16. Fixed problem with "find" command (Ctrl+F) where if you did a backwards find (find Up) and more text arrived while you were filling in the find dialog box, the line highlighted would be incorrect by the number of lines that had arrived (bug #365).

17. Fixed inconsistency where if you created a new world, the default port was 4201, however if you did a "quick connect" the default port was 4000. Now the default port in both cases is 4000.

18. Fixed bug where if you created a new world, and answered "yes" to "Preload world defaults from an existing world", the default "worlds" directory would not be used (bug #352).

19. Added a button to the About box, so that you can review the MUSHclient license agreement if you wish.

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