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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.00

Version 3.00

Released on 20 Jul 2000


* Improved trigger-handling - can match on multiple lines
* Triggers that match on multi lines pass all lines to scripts
* Triggers can now match on incoming colours
* Triggers can now be used to colour individual words, not just the whole line
* Triggers can now make words or lines bold, italic or underline
* Triggers can now send to the output window, the status line, a notepad window or the log file
* Triggers can optionally play a sound only if the world is inactive
* Perl-compatible regular expressions in triggers, aliases, find screens
* Triggers can now be sequenced, so they execute in an order you determine
* Trigger matching has been speeded up


* Default colours/triggers/aliases/macros/timers/fonts - you can now specify triggers etc. that will apply across all worlds.

Spell checker

* Spell checker - can check on request or automatically as you type commands


* Custom colours - 16 extra colours for triggers, and other uses. Custom colours can be named so you can see their purpose when selecting them from the drop-down menu.
* Button to swap normal and bold colours
* Buttons to lighten/darken all colours, or add/remove colour saturation
* Colours in the colour configuration screens can be copied and pasted


* Double-click to send word to world
* Double-clicking to select words now selects wider range of characters
* Control-double-click selects a paragraph
* Tab-completion now uses user-defined "end-of-word" delimiters
* Send to all worlds - you can now type a command into a special window and have it sent to all open worlds
* Character name generator. Generates random names like Rhiralath, Eralinyth, Cadaleg and Glaliseth.
* All typing can now optionally go to the command window (no more typing into the output window and having it discarded)


* Auto-log option for logging every time you connect
* Auto-log file name can automatically include the date/time
* Logging can now have a line preamble and postamble, that is, something that is logged at the start and end of each line (eg. the date and time)
* Log files can now have a postamble, that is, something that is written when the log file is closed
* Logging in HTML is now supported


* Option to omit alias from output
* Perl-compatible regular expressions in aliases


* More scripting properties
* Support for PerlScript
* Example scripts provided in JavaScript, as well as VBscript


* Recall feature recalls text into a separate window
* Find now searches for paragraphs
* Recall window can be "refreshed" to update it

Notepad window

* You can now create "notepad" windows which can be used to edit text
* Edit commands, scripts or general text files
* Change case (upper to lower, lower to upper)
* Convert files to and from DOS/Mac/Unix text formats
* Find and replace
* Send to world, or send to world command window
* Parenthesis-balancing for checking MUSHcode with nested brackets
* Insert date/time
* Word/line/character count
* Wrap/quote lines
* Remove extra blanks
* Quickly flip from world to notepad and vice-versa
* Spell checker


* Configuration screens layout improvements
* Configuration screens "highlighting" and "strings" removed
* Support for mouse-wheel mouses (mice)
* Smooth scrolling provided as an option
* Full-screen mode
* Default directory for world files can be specified
* Worlds can be automatically opened in user-specified order
* "Trace" mode can be turned on for script debugging
* Fixed numerous minor bugs and inconsistencies

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