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Release notes for MUSHclient version 2.15

Version 2.15

Released on 04 Sep 1999


1. The MUSHclient icon on the Windows taskbar can now be optionally set to flash when new input arrives for a world.

2. Bold, underline and italic can now be set independently for the output window.

3. Fixed a bug in auto-pause, where it wouldn't work if you moved the scrollbar thumb with the mouse.

4. You can now have the program calculate the optimal number of characters that can fit in a particular screen width.

5. Fixed problems with the output window sometimes being invisible.

6. Fixed problems with the command (input) window sometimes being invisible.

7. New worlds now default to standard ANSI colours.

8. Fixed problems with flickering text when dragging with the mouse to select it in the output window.

9. You can now use Terminal font, and other fonts in the OEM/DOS script.

10. The number of lines that can be stored in the output window has been increased to 500,000.

11. Fixed a problem with Windows 95/98 where approximately 2,000 lines was the maximum that could be stored in the output buffer. Now under Windows 95/98 you can choose to keep up to 500,000 (half a million) lines.

12. When resizing a world window the command area now stays the same size, which is more useful than keeping the output area the same size.

13. You can now play MIDI files on a trigger, or new activity.

14. A few other problems with window sizes have been fixed.

15. You can now set and go to "bookmarks" in the output window. This is to mark interesting lines, and return to them later on.

16. There is now a "world.setstatus" script function which allows you to set the contents of the status line from a script.

17. Fixed title bar of MUSHclient so that, when maximized, it does not show the world name twice.

Entering commands

1. You can now use a variable inside an alias. eg. give @weapon to @person

2. Aliases can now optionally be case-insensitive.

3. A bug with using Alt+Up to match partial commands has been fixed.

4. You can now use up and down-arrow to edit text in the command area, provided they are not exactly at the start or end of the command.

5. If you type in QUIT then the world does not automatically reconnect.

6. If you type in the auto-say sequence in auto-say mode, it does not repeat it.

7. You can optionally have German characters translated into the equivalent in standard ANSI.

8. You can double-click a word in the output window to select it. You can optionally have it automatically pasted into the command window.

9. Aliases can now match on wildcards.

10. Triggers can now send something to the *command* window.

11. Combining the above two items, you can now set up a trigger/alias pair to edit MUSH attributes, similar to /grab in some other clients. (See bug report 60 for more detail).

12. When doing a "send file" or "paste to MUD" you can now optionally have a delay between each line sent.

13. When doing a "send file" or "paste to MUD" you can optionally not have the preamble requested every time.

14. When doing a "send file" or "paste to MUD" you can optionally unformat formatted softcode.

15. You can now enter a list of words to be considered for tab-completion before scanning the output window.

16. A "global replace in command window" has been added. This is so you can replace, for instance, every linefeed with a "%R", if that is what you need.

17. When doing a "send file to MUD" it now defaults to looking for a .MUD or .MUSH file extension.

18. There is now a "world.setcommand" script callback which allows you to set the contents of the command window from a script.

19. Added option to omit aliases from the log file.


1. There is now a web page for reporting bugs in MUSHclient.

2. The N, S, E, W toolbar buttons have been replaced by buttons to access aliases, triggers, and so on.

3. Each of the configuration screens now has a keyboard shortcut.

4. You can now delete variables from the scripting language.

5. You can now reset timers from the scripting language.

6. You can now reset timers with a single keystroke (SHIFT+CTRL+T) or a button on the toolbar.

7. There is now a "find" button on the Notes page.

8. The help file has been rewritten with much better cross-referencing.

9. The number of bytes sent and received to/from the MUD is now displayed in the Info window.

10. You can now use %name% and %password% in the Connect text for connecting to the MUD.

11. Added count of timers to the Info screen.

12. Added count of number of triggers, aliases and timers fired to the Info screen.

13. Added count of number of individual triggers, aliases and timers fired to the appropriate edit screen.

14. Added option to scripting window to always/never/confirm the reload of a changed script file.

15. Triggers, aliases and various finding functions can now use "regular expressions" for more complex pattern matching.

16. When doing a "find" in various parts of the program, previous find strings are remembered so you can recall an earlier one.

17. Added GetNotes and SetNotes script functions, to provide scripting access to the world's notes.

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