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Release notes for MUSHclient version 2.14

Version 2.14

Released on 17 Mar 1999

1. Now installs using Installer VISE from MindVision Software. This allow installation to be effected more easily, creates program icons on the "Start" menu, and incorporates an "uninstall" facility.

2. "About box" now has a "credits" button, showing a window with credits for program development.

3. A problem with printing MUD output spanning more than one page has been fixed.

4. An "alias export" function has been added to allow the list of aliases to be exported.

5. When doing a "send to world" the "progress" dialog now shows "Sending ...".

6. The registration process has been clarified a bit. If registering by email you must manually send the email message.

7. Now supports the Mud Client Compression Protocol - automatically decompresses compressed text sent from MCCP-enabled servers.

8. When reconnecting to a world after a dropped connection, the title bar for that world is now updated to show the connection status.

9. There is now an option to "auto repeat" the last command entered. If checked, the last command now remains in the input area, rather than being blanked out. Then you can just press <enter> to repeat it.

10. MUSHclient has been tested operating on a PC set to the year 2000, and all functions behave normally. Registration and other date-dependant code works properly with dates in the year 2000 onwards.

11. Select All now implemented. Hotkey is Ctrl+A (to be consistent with most other programs).

12. Pressing TAB when entering a command no longer deletes the command.

13. Auto-pause option (in Appearance > Output pane of configuration menu) will, if active, pause the output window whenever you scroll so that you are no longer viewing the end of the output buffer.

14. An action "reload script file" has been added to the Game menu. Hotkey: Shift+Ctrl+R

15. You can now clear all output in the output window, and all commands in the command history window.

16. You can now use ENABLETIMER to enable or disable timers from the scripting language.

17. MUSHclient has been amended to launch and open the correct connection when a "telnet" link is clicked in Netscape Navigator. You would need to set the "telnet" helper app in Netscape Navigator configuration to point to your copy of MUSHclient.

18. Now have a "quick connect" option under the Connection menu. This just asks for the world name, TCP/IP address and port number, and then connects to the world. This makes exploring new MUDs very easy.

19. Script routines OPENLOG, WRITELOG, ISLOGOPEN, and CLOSELOG have been added, for opening, writing to, and closing the log file. See the help file for more details.

20. A problem where the word "CLOSED" would erroneously appear on the status line when you switch worlds, has been fixed.

21. You can now type a partial word, and press TAB. The word will be completed with a word matching what was already typed, by scanning the output buffer backwards (ie. matching the most recent occurrence). You can optionally choose to have the replacement word appear in all lower case, otherwise it will keep the capitalisation from the output buffer.

22. Timers can now send nothing, provided they call a script function.

23. Log file (if open) is now written to disk every 2 minutes. This is a safety feature to allow for people logging extensive sessions, only to have their PC crash and lose the entire log.

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