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Release notes for MUSHclient version 2.11

Version 2.11

Released on 09 Apr 1998

1. When sending a file to a world, you can now choose from .txt files or "all" files.

2. If the connection to a world is broken for some reason, the world status now correctly updates to "closed".

3. Fixed a problem where sending or pasting large amounts of text to a MUD would cause the connection to be closed.

4. Added a menu item under the View menu to reset toolbar positions. This is for users who have moved them out of sight.

5. Fixed a problem where you could attempt to reconnect to a world that was already in the process of connecting.

6. Fixed a problem where if a world could not be connected to once (because the connection was aborted before the world name was converted to a TCP/IP address) then subequent attempts to connect failed with the error message "Cannot assign requested address".

7. Trying to select text if you have enabled the option "Show bold, italic, underline" did not correctly highlight in inverse the characters the mouse was moving over. This has been fixed.

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