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Release notes for MUSHclient version 2.10

Version 2.10

Released on 01 Apr 1998

1, Swapped the "East" and "West" buttons on the game button bar, as they look more logical the other way around.

2. Removed frequent checks in the registry for the registered user name. This may speed up execution on systems with a small cache.

3. Added option to show bold, underlined and blinking output as bold, underlind and italic font in output window.

4. Added a "Do" button to the command history dialog box. This allows you to do (execute) a previously entered command without closing the dialog box, or losing whatever typing you may have in the input window.

5. Changed the about box so that the email address and web address of Gammon Software Solutions are hyperlinks (just click on them to be taken to the appropriate location).

6. Added a vertical scroll bar to the command (input) window, to make entering lengthy commands easier.

7. If the connection to a world is not open, attempting to send something to that world will bring up a dialog box asking if you want to connect. In other words, if the your MUD server has crashed, just keep hitting <enter> until the MUD is back up again.9. Removed the rather useless message "Log file xxx closed." when you close a log file.

8. Implemented an Alt+Up-Arrow and Alt+Down-Arrow for searching in the command history for a partially-typed command. eg. Type "say" and press Alt+Up-Arrow, and the most recent command starting with "say" will be recalled. Pressing the Alt+arrow key again will recall the next most recent, and so on.

9. If "auto-say" is active, and you click on a direction arrow (on the button bar), OR use one of the built-in commands (eg. Shift+Ctrl+W for West, or Shift+Ctrl+Q for QUIT), OR use the numeric keypad to navigate around, then the command is sent properly, not said. In previous versions if you had "auto-say" active and pressed the numeric-keypad up-arrow, then the program sent "say north", which was hardly intuitive.

10. Sometimes if you disabled the option "arrow keys traverse history" it would in fact be enabled when you first started MUSHclient. This means that using an arrow key (without pressing Alt as well) would unexpectedly cycle through the command history buffer, possibly clearing what you had typed without warning. This has been fixed.

11. The "world configuration" dialog box has been split up into 6 different dialog boxes - the tabbed configuration screen with 21 tabs was a bit confusing, to say the least! :) The new world configuration arrangement groups logically similar functions into their own smaller tabbed dialog boxes (eg. font and colours, aliases and triggers, and so on).

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