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Release notes for MUSHclient version 2.04

Version 2.04

Released on 11 Feb 1998

1. Command history window now shows the full text of the command (as you select each one) rather than just a single line. You can also select parts of a previous command from the history window.

2. References to the author's email address changed to reflect new address.

3. Added an option "Escape deletes input" - this allows you to use the "Esc" key to quickly delete whatever you have typed into the command window.

4. Added an option "Arrow keys traverse history" - this allows you to use the "arrow keys" (up and down arrow) to recall previous commands without having to hold down Alt as well.

5. Added a link to the Gammon Software Solutions web page to the Help menu.

6. Fixed a problem where clearing the "scripting" check box on the scripting page would cause a program crash.

7. Added a check for exceeding the size of the output buffer under Windows 95.

8. Added a button to allow you to edit your script file in the scripting configuration screen.

9. Added a button to allow you to choose which editor to use for editing your script file.

10. Fixed a bug where you could supply the century in credit card expiry dates, but they weren't included in the encrypted data.

11. Fixed a bug where if you didn't supply a postal address during the registration process, rubbish appeared as your postal address.

12. Added an option to the "About" box so you could send email to the author, or go to the Gammon Software Solutions web page, by clicking a button.

13. Added an option to the "logging" configuration screen, so you can add your own "preamble" to a log file (eg. a copyright notice)

14. Removed the limit of 1,000 lines when doing retrospective logging.

15. Retrospective logging now respects the state of the various logging flags (omitting pages etc.)

16. Added shortcut key (Shift+Ctrl+V) for "Paste to world" for quicker pasting

17. Made the "confirm paste preamble" an option (for quicker pasting to world)

18. Added a menu item "Repeat last command" (with shortcut key Ctrl+R). This allows you to quickly send your previous command. Useful for MUDs when in combat.

19. When doing a "paste to world" the focus for the preamble confirmation screen is now on the OK button, so you can just press <enter> to confirm it.

20. Fixed a problem where the "activity button bar" would not be updated correctly unless the "activity window" was also open.

21. During the registration process you can now "back out" of entering a credit card number without having to cancel the dialog box.

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