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Release notes for MUSHclient version 2.02

Version 2.02

1. Major change - new toolbar - Activity toolbar - shows activity on windows by showing window number in red. Also current window has the button depressed.

This toolbar shows activity on the first 10 open worlds (you can have more than 10 worlds open, but only the first 10 show on the toolbar).

Any world with new activity has its number in red.

The current world shows as a "pushed" button.

The toolbar can be "docked" (ie. tied to the top, bottom, left or right-hand sides of the screen), or "floating" (ie. anywhere on the screen you like). It can be resized to be vertical, horizontal or a square shape.

2. You can switch to any world by pressing Ctrl+n where "n" is the number (eg. Ctrl+2 switches to world 2). You can also click on any red button to go to that world.

3. When logging, invalid characters are removed from suggested file name

4. Bug re timer scripts not always working properly fixed.

5. After doing a copy, the focus automatically moves to the command window.

6. "Reconnect on link failure" in global preferences renamed to "Reconnect on disconnect"

7. Erroneous error message re duplicate aliases fixed

8. Can now load trigger alias files created by earlier versions of MUSHclient.

9. If you closed a session the status line would show "closed" - this was not updated when you switched worlds. This is now fixed.

10. Main program window now also shows the name of the current world - this is useful when the program is minimised so you can see the world name on the Window 95/NT program bar.

11. "Connected" duration on status bar (and activity window) no longer ticks over on a world that has been closed.

12. Logging of your input now respects "log my input" option, regardless of whether or not you are echoing your input.

13. Retrospective logging also respects "log my input" and "log notes" option. Previously retrospective logging logged everything.

14. You can now choose whether or not to log notes (from a script)

15. If unable to connect to a world, program now shows an error reason.

16. Fixed a problem where you could not select the last character of a line in the output buffer by dragging the mouse.

17. You can now add, delete, enable, get, and get a list of, aliases from within a script subroutine.

18. Holding down either SHIFT key as you start MUSHclient bypasses the automatic open of worlds specified in your "auto-open-world" preferences.

19. Removed "auto-open-log-file" option from preferences (it is not implemented yet).

20. MUSHCLIENT.TLB file supplied - this file will be of interest to VB programmers.

21. Example script file supplied - includes example of "teleport by name" described in scripting information web page.

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