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Release notes for Area Editor version 1.20

Version 1.20

Released on 14 May 2000

1. Added userdic.tlx to list of default dictionaries

2. Fixed problem where spell checking did not cause the "save" button to ungrey out.

3. Did custom spell check dialog box to make buttons bigger.

4. Added "spell check" button to the Edit dialog box.

5. Added keyboard equivalent Alt+. (ALT+PERIOD) for the "Edit" button in various windows.

-- SMAUG specific --

- Socials -

6. You can now delete socials.

7. You can now add socials.

8. Socials are sorted into ascending sequence when they are loaded.

9. You can now save socials.

- Commands -

10. You can now delete commands.

11. You can now add commands.

12. Commands are sorted into ascending sequence when they are loaded.

13. You can now save commands.

- Skills -

14. You can now delete skills.

15. You can now add skills.

16. Skills are sorted into ascending sequence when they are loaded.

17. You can now save skills.

18. You can now add, amend and delete affects inside skills.

-- General --

19. Mobiles, rooms and objects are sorted into vnum order on opening an area, in case someone keys in vnums out of sequence in a text editor.

20. Fixed problems in the default SMAUGCONFIG.DAT file regarding the #AFFECTS section.

21. Fixed bug where a change to damage type (ROM only) would not be retained.

22. The Area Check results (and also "Problems in Area" when initially loading an area) are now a modeless dialog box. What this means is that you can keep this box open (and move it to one side) if you want to, and refer to it while you are fixing the problems.

23. Area Editor now remembers where you last left it on the screen, and restores itself to that position.

24. Added an example area file (manor.are), so you can play with an area after downloading the program (eg. for shareware reviewers).

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