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Release notes for Area Editor version 1.17

Version 1.17

Released on 08 May 2000

1. You can now add a batch of areas, by using the "Load Area List" function from the File menu. This will read a normal "area list" file (with one area name per line) and load all areas it finds in it. Thus you can now quickly load all (or some, if you set up a special area list file) areas for your MUD. This is surprisingly quick. For example, on my PC which is not exactly state-of-the-art, I loaded all 25 stock SMAUG areas in around 12 seconds.

2. Added a "close all windows" function to let you quickly close areas you have open.

3. The new "flags" pages did not show flag numbers, even if this was set in preferences. This has been fixed.

4. Added "refresh" function to the View menu (keyboard F5). This is to redraw the labels in the tree view. This is particularly useful if you are loading a number of areas. If, for example, you load area A and then area B, references in area A to rooms in area B will show "not in area" (because B isn't loaded yet). Thus, after loading area B you can switch back to area A and select View -> Refresh. This will update any exits in A leading to B to show their correct names.

5. The "cross-area" picker has also now been implemented for choosing objects and mobs.

6. The "go to" buttons now allow you to go to a room/mob/object/reset in a different area.

7. The "area walkthrough" now seamlessly crosses area boundaries (for open areas), thus allowing you to walk through your entire MUD without difficulty.

8. You can now do a "check all areas" which checks all open areas. This means that rooms which lead to rooms in other areas are no longer reported as "not in area", and cross-referencing of used items is now MUD-wide.

9. You can now use "go to vnum" to go directly to the vnum of a room/mobile/object, even if it is in a different area. For example, if you have 30 areas open, and want to find mob 12345, just choose "Go to vnum" (Ctrl+G) and type 12345, select "M" for Mob, and press <enter>. If that mob is in any open area that area will be selected and the mob highlighted.

10. Because Ctrl+G seemed a natural keyboard equivalent for "Go To Vnum" the keyboard equivalent for "generate mob name" has been changed to Ctrl+E.

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