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Release notes for Area Editor version 1.16

Version 1.16

Released on 05 May 2000

1. Fixed a bug where you couldn't change the SMAUG area version.

2. Fixed a bug where the "tip of the day" would show up twice

3. Added support for extended bitvectors (in SMAUG), so you can now have up to 64 flags.

4. Changed the way flags are displayed (from check boxes to a list)

5. You can now enter negative numbers in the reset fields.

6. When clicking on the "edit" button (labelled "..." in some cases) to edit mob/room/object names and short descriptions, the program used to add an unwanted "newline" character. This has been eliminated.

7. You can now give a mob a level of zero.

8. Added automatic name generator (for generating mob names)

9. Improved "area check" so that when an exit cannot be found, you are told which room it is in.

10. When choosing a room from the "choose room" dialog, you can now select a room from any open area.

11. In various places where it previously would have said "room #xxxx not in area" it now correctly lists the room name, provided that (other) area is open. The area name is shown in square brackets.

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