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Release notes for Area Editor version 1.09

Version 1.09

Released on 01 Dec 1998

1. The MUSH export has been enhanced to add @succ, @osucc, and @odrop messages to exits, to eliminate the warning messages that you get if such messages are not there. Also, when creating objects, if they don't have an extra description, the object is given the "long description", to avoid another warning message.

2. The default "race table" is now a SMAUG race table - it used to be a ROM race table. This is overridden if you supply a #RACE section in your configuration file.

3. The file SMAUGCONFIG.DAT now lists the extra exit flags that apply to SMAUG room exits.

4. Affects for ROM areas are now handled better. The fields "where" (ie. Affects, Object, Immune, Resist, Vuln) now appear in a combo box, and the field "bitvector" now appears as 32 flags, that automatically reconfigure themselves, as relevant to the "where" field.

5. The "affects" list in ROMCONFIG.DAT has been amended to be more accurate.

6. A new section, AFFECTWHERE, has been added to ROMCONFIG.DAT.

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