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Release notes for Area Editor version 1.07

Version 1.07

Released on 24 Nov 1998

1. When viewing flags in a ROM area, the flag number is now shown as a ROM flag letter (eg. A, B, C, not 1, 2, 3)

2. The Object Stats page now shows ROM weight as 1/10ths of a pound, and SMAUG weight as pounds.

3. On the Object Stats page, the 6 "values" for ROM are now shown correctly (they differ somewhat from SMAUG values).

4. On the Object Stats page you can now choose more things by clicking on the "choose" button and selecting from a list of things (eg. weapon type, liquid type, various flags)

5. When saving an area warnings may be generated if "out-of-range" values had to be adjusted to make the area loadable next time. This might happen if a SMAUG area was converted to ROM, for example, as SMAUG has more exit directions than ROM.

6. You can now choose to review load or save warnings at any time by selecting View > Recent Warnings. This is handy for correcting load or save errors one-by-one.

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