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Release notes for Area Editor version 1.05

Version 1.05

Released on 19 Nov 1998

1. Defaults "open" command to asking for the area type, in case ROM users are opening a ROM area, and are puzzled by the error message, because the program used to assume a SMAUG area.

2. Fixed a problem where writing out door flags didn't work correctly for ROM servers.

3. Made the door flags for exits a configuration option (section "exit") so you can add or remove your own exit flags.

4. Improved the "room exit" screen so that you can see the name of a key, if there is one, and go to the key item, if you want to view its details.

5. Improved the "equip location" handling, so that it is no longer a fixed set of radio buttons (which were rather SMAUG-centric) to a drop-down combo-box, which is loaded from the "wearlist" part of the configuration file.

6. Added an "average hit/damage/mana" calculation to the mobile summary page, to see at a glance the strength of this mobile.

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