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Release notes for MUSHclient version 1.04

Version 1.04

Released on 23 Jan 1996

1. Fixed a problem where you could not turn logging on when running under Win32s (Windows 3.1).

2. Fixed similar problems with loading and saving custom colours, triggers etc. under Win32s.

3. When connecting to a MUD (or MUD!) a "connecting" dialog box will now appear. This will stop the program from appearing to "hang" when making a connection that takes a long time (or never completes). Note that if you connect very quickly, then the "connecting" dialog box may just flicker briefly on the screen, and not be easy to read.

4. Fixed a problem where pages and other output which should have been coloured, were not.

5. Fixed a problem (I think) where some output was omitted from the screen, and only appeared after the user forced a screen refresh (eg. by paging up and back again).

6. Fixed a problem where if you closed MUSHclient while it was minimized, then it would incorrectly remember the screen location (and thus open up a tiny little window next time you ran the program).

7. Changed the colour specification configuration options to allow the colour "no change" to be used with triggers, user input, pages and so on. This is so that you can specify that MUSHclient is to use the existing colour that is being displayed, rather than overriding with another colour. This is in response to various users who have reported that their pages are not being shown in the ANSI colours that they expect.

8. Added an option to have a "new activity" sound (accessible from the "Screen" configuration dialog box), so that the program will play a nominated sound when output arrives from a MUD that is not the frontmost window. This sound is specified on a per-world basis, so you can have a different sound play for each different world, when new output arrives for it.

9. Modified the "sound play" routine so that if you do not have a sound card, the PC should play a "beep" instead. If you do not have a sound card, and want triggers or new activity to beep, then select any "wave" file from the Windows directory (eg. DING.WAV). Then when MUSHclient finds it cannot play the "wave" file it will beep instead.

10. Added an option to not indent subsequent lines of a paragraph in MUD output, for the benefit of those users who don't like their paragraphs indented by one space.

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