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Release notes for Area Editor version 1.01

Version 1.01

Released on 04 Oct 1998

1. A problem with how resets displayed the "wear location" for an equip has been corrected. Previous versions showed wear locations (eg. head, feet) as check boxes, and thus you could check more than one of them, thus leading to the ridiculous situation where you could wear the *same* item on your head and your feet. This version now shows "wear locations" as radio boxes, which are mutually exclusive. Also, previous versions would have shown the wrong wear location (eg. "neck" for "hands", and so on).

2. Summaries for an "equip" reset now show where the item is equipped, eg. "black boots (feet)".

3. When selecting an object from the "choose object" dialog box, you can now narrow down the objects in the list to a particular type (eg. weapon, food).

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