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Release notes for Area Editor version 1.00

Version 1.00

Released on 25 Sep 1998

1. An "area walkthrough" has been added which allows you to simulate walking through your area, room by room. You can see each room, its exits and contents, similarly to what you would see when playing the game.

You can enter commands, such as "north", "south", "goto <vnum>", and "look <object>".

The area walkthrough starts with the first room in the area, or if you have selected a room in the left-hand view, the selected room. You can optionally view item vnums (which looks less realistic but is more helpful for debugging), and mob equip and give resets.

Once you have finished your walkthrough, the room you last visited is selected - in case you have found a problem in its description, or resets, so you can easily edit it.

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