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Release notes for MUSHclient version 1.00

Version 1.00

1. First "non-test" release.

2. Added extra notes in README file about hardware requirements for installing Win32s.

3. Current world name now appears in title of configuration screen when doing "World Configuration".

4. Improved indexing in help file (help "index" should now show more index words)

5. Help files updated a bit

6. Triggers now have an option to "omit from log file". If set, and a particular trigger is matched, then the line that matched the trigger is not logged to the log file (if one is open).

7. Code for adding triggers and aliases was tightened up somewhat to disallow duplicates.

8. The list of triggers now shows what sound has been selected.

9. Various minor bug fixes and user-interface improvements.

10. Various memory leaks corrected.

11. Loading triggers and aliases now checks for duplicates, and reports a warning

12. Keypad movement implemented. You can now use the numeric keypad for moving north, south east and so on. The actual commands that are sent are customisable.

13. The "macro" function (function keys and "action" menu items) now have the option to "insert" into the command buffer, rather than replacing it. This means you can program a function key (eg. F10) to insert a lengthy word into whatever it is you are typing.

14. Actions "open", "close", "unlock" and "lock" added to speed walking.

15. You can now press "Esc" instead of "Tab" to return the focus to the command window.

16. A bug corrected where if you selected text with the mouse in the output window and held the mouse stationery above or below the output window, the text did not automatically scroll.

17. A "minimize program" menu action and keystroke (boss key) has been added.

18. A "minimize window" menu action and keystroke has been added (for minimizing low activity worlds).

19. If you select a minimized world from the "activity" window (eg. by pressing CTRL+1) the window is automatically restored to its original size.

20. If a world window has been minimized, and has activity, the number of new lines received since it was viewed is shown in brackets after the world name. (eg. DuneMUD [22])

21. The MUD name is now shown in the window title, not the name of the file that the world details was saved under (e.g. "Battlestar MUD" not "Battlest.MCL").

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