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Release notes for MUSHclient version 0.73

Version 0.73

1. Now recognise "bell" characters from the MUD and play a beep sound (can be optionally disabled).

2. Can disable all trigger sounds with a single check box if desired.

3. Various help screens amended and reworded.

4. Fixed a bug which prevented loading and saving various files under Win32s.

5. A couple of minor bugs fixed.

6. Extra configuration screen added to configure the "send file" action.

7. Program now remembers main window position and restores it next time it is invoked

8. Added "notes" world configuration option, so you can keep free-format notes on a per-world basis

9. Fixed a bug where selecting text with the mouse (in the display, or "output" area) would sometimes cause the text to appear in the incorrect colour (or to disappear altogether!). Also, fixed the problem where selected text could not be copied to the clipboard.

10. Added a "welcome" dialog box which will be shown the first time the program is run at a particular PC.

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