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Release notes for MUSHclient version 0.71

Version 0.71

1. Built-in help added. "Help" buttons have been added to most dialog boxes.

2. Triggers now use a better method for matching on wildcards, support displaying text that matches triggers in a different colour, and can now play sounds when a trigger is matched.

3. Aliases can now match: start of line, anywhere, or exactly. See help for more details.

4. Fixed a bug where sometimes messages that should have been displayed in a different colour weren't.

5. You can now colour "GAME" messages.

6. You can now save and load: colours, strings, macros, aliases and triggers. This means that you can save a "set of triggers" from one world, and load them into another.

7. Logout and Quit have been added to the "Actions" menu, for making it easier to remember how to log out of MUDes that have unusual commands to quit. (Let me see, is it QUIT, or quit, or @quit, or @QUIT?). Use the Macros configuration screen to enter the correct version of the command.

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