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Release notes for MUSHclient version 0.70

Version 0.70

1. You can now enter triggers in the " World Configuration > Triggers" configuration screen.

2. You can now enter aliases in the " World Configuration > Aliases" configuration screen.

3. You can now enable "speed walking", which is a way of quickly moving from one location to another.

4. You can now enable "command stacking" which is a way of entering multiple commands on a single line.

5. Automatic connect text. You can now automatically send one or more lines of text to the MUD immediately after connecting, e.g. WHO, or maybe the sequence needed to connect to your character.

6. Colours. I have reversed the way ANSI colour recognition works, from a default of black on white (which was incorrect, apparently) to a default of white on black.

7. The " World Configuration" configuration dialog now remembers which "tab" you were last using (e.g. colours) and then activates that tab next time you enter game configuration (Ctrl+G). This saves having to tab to the correct tab every time you make a minor change (e.g. testing a trigger).

8. Support for prompting MUDs.This version now has support for "prompting-style" MUDs (eg. LP MUDs, or Diku MUDs).

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