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Release notes for Area Editor version 0.63

Version 0.63

Released on 22 Sep 1998

1. Now recognise area file directives from SMAUG 1.4, namely:


2. Changed loading of areas to allow for version 1 area files (ie. those produced by SMAUG 1.4), in particular the slightly different format of the #OBJECT area.

3. Added tabs/fields to the "area" header so you can enter version number, climate and neighbor information.

4. Enhanced printing by adding "equip" and "give" resets to mobs when listed in a room. Also prints the names of any programs attached to a room/mob/object, and optionally lists the program contents.

5. Object values are now summarised on the object summary page (eg. listing spell names for a staff type) and shown when objects are printed.

6. Enhanced the "choose mob", "choose object" and "choose room" dialog boxes, to give more information about the item you are choosing.

7. When doing a "detailed search" exit names (eg. north) are now searched for. In other words, you can find all "North" exits by doing a search for "north".

8. An "add exit" button has been added to the room summary page, to make adding exits to rooms easier. You are prompted for the exit direction, asked to choose a destination room from a list, then taken to the exit editing page to fill in the exit keywords and description. You can also (optionally) add at the same time a "reverse exit", in other words if you are adding an exit that goes East from A to B, then it also adds a West exit from B to A.

9. Added buttons to the "button bar" for adding area items, duplicating items, and removing items. This does not add program functionality, but makes it easier to use.

10. Added a preferences entry for selecting the fixed-pitch font used for editing descriptions of rooms, mobs etc. This lets you choose your favourite font, eg. Courier.

11. Enhanced menu items for "add/duplicate/remove" so that they dynamically change to show *what* you are adding/duplicating/removing.

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