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Release notes for MUSHclient version 0.63

Version 0.63

Released on 13 Dec 1995

One of the earliest pre-release versions of MUSHclient.

This version had:

1. Multiple worlds
2. Logging of session
3. Output and command windows
4. Command history
5. Wrapping at column 80
6. Selectable output area font
7. Highlighting incoming pages, whispers, mail
8. ANSI colours
9. Macros (eg. F3 could send something)
10. Pause-output capability
11. Activity list

It didn't have:

1. A help file
2. Triggers, aliases, timers, anything like that


1. Number of screen buffer lines was fixed at 1000
2. Output wrapped at column 80, not adjustable
3. Command history was fixed at 500 previous commands
4. It didn't remember window positions

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