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Release notes for Area Editor version 0.62

Version 0.62

Released on 19 Sep 1998

1. Fixed a problem in editing room and other descriptions where the program allowed 80 characters (per line) in a description when it should only have allowed 79.

2. The "flag handling" has been completely rewritten in this version. This not only makes a more consistent user-interface for "flags" (eg. mob affects), but also means you can specify flag names in the CONFIG.DAT file. All flags, such as area flags, room flags, mob flags, object flags are now represented in the CONFIG.DAT file (amended copy supplied in this archive). You can add or remove flags by changing the appropriate section in this file. For example:

Flag01 Blind
Flag02 Invisible
... [snip] ...
Flag31 Berserk
Flag32 Aqua_breath

As flags are held as 32-bit integers the maximum numbers of flags in a particular section is 32. If you omit a particular flag number, it will not appear in the appropriate flags dialog box.

3. Fixed a bug where viewing a mob would make the program think you had changed it.

Configuration file

In order to allow for MUDs that have recompiled the SMAUG server and changed various limits (eg. maximum level, maximum vnum) the program now uses a configuration file to test for such things, rather than having them hard-coded into the program.

This allows you to set up things like maximum level, maximum armour class, maximum vnum, based on what *your* MUD has as its standard.

To process this file you must use File > Preferences to define the location of this file.

Once you have done this the file will be processed. To reprocess the configuration file during an editing session, just use Notepad or any other text editor to make appropriate changes, and then open the File > Preferences dialog box again. Once you click OK the configuration file will be reprocessed.

The contents of CONFIG.DAT should be fairly self-explanatory. It looks like this:


maxlevel 65
maxvnum 2147483647
maxresetfreq 60

For example, to change the maximum level you are allowed to enter for a mob etc. from 65 to 100, change "maxlevel 65" to "maxlevel 100".

Flag values in configuation file

The configuration file CONFIG.DAT also contains the meanings of the 32-bit flags used in various parts of SMAUG, namely:

Mobile actions (ACT)
Mobile affects (AFFECT)
Mobile attacks (ATTACK)
Mobile defenses (DEFENSE)
Mobile parts (PARTS)
Mobile resist/immune/susceptible (RESIST)
Mobile languages (LANGUAGE)

Object flags (OBJECT)
Object wear flags (WEAR)

Room flags (ROOM)

Area flags (AREA)

The flag section names appear above in brackets. After each section you can enter "Flag01" through to "Flag32" with a single-word flag name after it, eg.

Flag01 Dark
Flag02 Death
Flag03 Nomob
Flag04 Indoors
Flag17 Silence
Flag23 Teleport

As the example above shows, the flags do not have to be sequential. The flag number refers to the "bit number" or "bit vector" used within the SMAUG code. They should correspond.

The word "End" is required at the end of each section of flags.

If you omit a flag section from the configuration file (or do not specify a configuration file name under File > Preferences) then default values are taken for the flags in that section.

As soon as you specify a flag section, then *all* of the default values (in that section) are discarded, and the section is replaced by the values specified in the configuration file.

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