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Release notes for Area Editor version 0.61

Version 0.61

Released on 10 Sep 1998

1. Fixed a bug where after getting an error message on a field, the "focus" was not returned properly to the field that had the problem.

2. Shop view no longer shows objects of zero cost (shopkeepers cannot sell things which don't cost anything).

3. In the shop view you can now add or remove items for the shopkeeper by selecting them from a list of items that can be sold (ie. this will add or delete the appropriate resets). Note that you cannot sell items of zero cost, so only items with a non-zero cost will appear in the "select objects" list.

4. In the room view you can now add mobs and objects by selecting them from a list. You can delete mobs, objects and programs by clicking on them and pressing "Remove". You can equip or give to mobs by clicking on the mob and selecting the item to give or equip from a list. This greatly simplifies setting up resets for the area.

5. In an exit view, you can now choose a key for an exit from a list of objects.

6. You can now print an area, either to a printer, or to a disk file (as text). The printed form endeavours to summarise as much information as possible in an easy-to-read format, for skimming through all of your descriptions, exits, and important resets.

7. Improved the way that "affects" are displayed if they refer to resistant/immune/susceptible.

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