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Release notes for Area Editor version 0.60

Version 0.60

Released on 10 Sep 1998

1. Fixed a bug where adding two rooms/mobs/objects in a row would allocate the same vnum to both.

2. Moved all of the hard-coded number tests out of the program into a file "CONFIG.DAT" (example supplied). This allows you to set up things like maximum level, maximum armour class, maximum vnum, based on what *your* MUD has as its standard. To process this file you must use File > Preferences to define the location of this file. Once you have done this the file will be processed. To reprocess the configuration file during an editing session, just use Notepad or any other text editor to make appropriate changes, and then open the File > Preferences dialog box again. Once you click OK the configuration file will be reprocessed.

3. When doing an "area check" mob values are compared to the figures in the config files (or the defaults if no config file), thus warning you if you have a mob that has (for example) a level outside the accepted range for your MUD.

4. The configuration file also allows you to set default names and descriptions to rooms, mobs, objects and exits (eg. "A newly created mob stands here"). You may wish to customise those to be a distinctive text string, that you can later search for using the "find" command, to fix up descriptions that you haven't keyed in when you first created a room etc.

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