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Release notes for Area Editor version 0.58

Version 0.58

Released on 28 Aug 1998

1. Wear flags for objects can now be changed on the "flags" page.

2. On an "equip" reset the wear flags can now be clicked to update the "location" field.

3. Warning about "skills table not loaded" when loading an area removed.

4. When parsing "if" conditions in MUD programs, now allow for AND as well as OR, which is used in some SMAUG codebases.

5. When adding an exit, a default description of "Exit description" is no longer inserted.

6. Added the following tests for MUD program conditions: isClosed, isLocked, isOpen, isUnlocked. These all take a direction, eg. if isclosed (nw)

7. Added the following tests for MUD program conditions: isWearing, isCarrying. eg. if isWearing ($n) == 27302

8. Under certain circumstances (eg. a syntax error on a MUD program) you can now optionally choose to ignore the error.

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