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Release notes for Area Editor version 0.57

Version 0.57

Released on 24 Jul 1998

1. The "area economy" fields on the area summary view now correctly show the "high economy" as "billions" and the "low economy" as "gold coins".

2. When viewing the references for mobs you can now see what they are equipped with (or given) when loaded into a particular room.

3. When viewing the references for rooms you can now see what mobs are equipped with (or given) if they are loaded into this room.

4. Version 0.56 restricted entry of vnums to 1 - 32767. I have had reports that some areas have numbers outside this range (although you cannot enter outside this range when using the online building in the SMAUG server). To allow such areas to be processed, you are now allowed vnums in the range 1 - 20000, however when doing an "area check" you can (optionally) report on vnums outside this range. You could then use the "renumber" facility to renumber them to be within the recommended range.

5. The warnings shown when an area loads are now optional - see the Preferences dialog on the File menu.

6. When doing a "find" the previous things you searched for are remembered in a combo box - this means you can re-search for the 2nd last thing (or earlier) without having to retype it.

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