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Release notes for Area Editor version 0.56

Version 0.56

Released on 21 Jul 1998

1. The "find" command now remembers what you searched for previously, even if you switch areas. Previously the "previous find" string was remembered on an area-by-area basis.

2. On the "object stats" page, the "choose" button is no longer enabled for unrecognised object types.

3. When deleting a mob reset, all "equip" and "give" resets relevant to that mob are also automatically deleteted.

4. When deleting things with cross-referencing items, you are offered the choice of deleting the cross-references as well. For example, when deleting a room exits leading *to* that room can be deleted, as well as resets that put mobs and objects into the room.

5. Item duplication is now implemented. This lets you click on anything and make a duplicate. This makes it much easier to make a bunch of (say) mobs with similar stats - just create one, amend its stats as required, and then duplicate it. When duplicating mobs, rooms and objects subordinate items (eg, MUD programs, extra descriptions, exits) are also duplicated.

6. Special functions for mobs now don't have "spec_" in front of each one (although the correct name is written to the database). This is because "guard" looks better than "spec_guard".

7. Program types now don't have "_prog" at the end of each one. Thus the "death_prog" now appears in the editor as just "death".

8. The "renumber area" function is now implemented, with optional vnum compression. This renumbers objects/rooms/mobs in an area, with the "compression" option allowing the new number range to eliminate gaps (ie. make the range as small as possible). As well as renumbering the objects/rooms/mobs all referring things (eg. exits) are also modified to reflect the new numbers. Also, references to vnums in mob programs are updated as well.

9. Shops and repairs now have drop-down lists for "repair type" and "buy type" making them much easier to set up.

10. Shops now list all the items for sale (by looking for "G" resets for the shopkeeper).

11. Syntax-checking of MUD programs has been tightened up - specifically, the "if" and "or" tests are now checked for valid syntax.

12. When renumbering an individual mob/room/object, the "renumber area" code is called automatically, so that any referencing items (eg. exits to a room) are also renumbered to correctly point to the new vnum.

13. You can right-mouse click on an item in the tree-view (ie. the left-hand side of the screen) and a small menu will pop up, offering to add/delete/duplicate the item.

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