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Release notes for Area Editor version 0.55

Version 0.55

Released on 03 Jul 1998

1. Many bugs fixed (eg. Window menu showed each open window with a blank name)

2. Find command now searches for a) Summary; b) Detail; c) Program; d) Vnum. This lets you search for things more flexibly. For vnum searches you can enter a prefix: O=Object, R=Room, M=Mobile, eg. search for M1234 searches for a mob with vnum 1234 but not a room of the same vnum.

3. New feature - Check Area (Ctrl+K). This very powerful feature does an extensive cross-reference of your area looking for exits that don't lead to valid rooms, resets that don't load valid things, and items that are not used (eg. a mob that is never loaded in a reset or program). You also get various summaries (number of mobs, number of mobs per level, commands/socials/skills/spells used, number of rooms, exits, objects and so on).

4. Displaying "tabbed" screens is now faster, particularly for mobs.

5. You can right-mouse-click to bring up a context menu, for adding or deleting items.

6. Objects, mobs and rooms have "cross-reference" information showing where they are used.

7. MUD programs are now validated against the currently-loaded commands, skills and socials files. This allows typos in programs to be picked up. Also spell-casting is checked against valid spells. In addition, IF/ELSE/ENDIF sequences are checked to make sure you don't have mismatched IF/ENDIF combinations.

8. Descriptions (of mobs, objects etc.) are now forced to wrap at column 79.

9. In the "description editor" you can "unwrap" paragraphs or the whole description, which effectively removes linefeeds so that the text wraps naturally as you type it. The linefeeds are then automatically reinserted at column 79.

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