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Release notes for Area Editor version 0.51

Version 0.51

Released on 15 Jun 1998

This version is a pre-release version, designed to get user feedback on the GUI interface.

It does *not* have:

* Printing
* Extensive validation of entered values
* A particularly useful help file
* The ability to add or delete parts of an area (ie. you can only edit existing things)

This version adds the ability to save area files, and make changes to parts of an area.

Although it has been tested and saved area files seem to work OK, you are strongly advised to back up (ie. make a copy under a different name) any existing area files you have before editing them with this program.

The next version is intended to support:

a) adding/deleting part of an area (eg. adding a mobile)
b) easier viewing of resets
c) easier editing of descriptions


You can press F6 to switch between the left and right-hand panes.

You can press "*" on the numeric keypad to expand all nodes of the tree control from the current selection downwards.

You can press "-" on the numeric keypad to collapse all nodes of the tree control from the current selection downwards.

You can press Ctrl+Tab to switch tabs in the right-hand pane, if it has the focus.

You can load more than one area file at once.

You can use the "choose" button to choose a mobile/room/object/exit number from a list when entering exits or resets.

You can use the "go to" button to go to the mobile/room/object/exit whose number is adjacent to that button.

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