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Speed walking

Speed walking is a way of quickly moving from one location to another. You can choose a "speed walk" prefix (for example, "#"). Once you have done that, and enabled speed walking in the "commands" configuration screen, then you can speed walk by entering the prefix followed by a string of direction letters, like this:


This would move you: 4 times North, 3 times East, South, Up, West, Down and then "lock west"


Actions recognised are: C:close; O:open; L:lock; K:unlock (or nothing for no special action, just walk in that direction)


The directions recognised are: N:north, S:south, E:east, W:west, U:up, D:down (not case-sensitive).


You can also enter "F" for a speed walk "filler". This is for MUDs that reject multiple identical commands. For example, if you need to walk West 30 times, but your MUD disconnects you after 20 identical commands, enter:

#15w f 15w

The exact text that is sent by the "filler" is customisable from the "Input" world configuration screen. A suggested filler command would be something harmless, like LOOK.


You may also enter a one or two-digit multiplier in the range 1 to 99. The multiplier affects the *next* direction entered, e.g. "5s" means go South 5 times.

Spaces are accepted in the speed walk command, and ignored.

Special commands

If you need to enter other directions or commands (eg. NE for NorthEast) then you can put them in brackets. Otherwise, NE would be North, followed by East. Thus, to you North, West, and then NorthEast, you would enter:

N W (NE)

To allow for reversing a speedwalk, you can also put the reverse direction after a slash. For example:


By doing this if you choose to reverse a speedwalk alias, all of the special commands will reverse correctly.


You can put comments into a speedwalk by putting it in braces, like this:

{ The Hall of the Mountain King }

This lets you describe what point you are up to in a lengthy speedwalk.

Speed walk delay

You can specify a time, between 0 and 30,000 milliseconds (that is, zero to 30 seconds) as a delay between each direction being sent to the MUD. This is for MUDs that don't allow very rapid walking. 1,000 milliseconds represent one second, so to have a 1.5 second delay, you would enter 1500 as the delay in milliseconds.

If you are using delayed speedwalking, any outstanding speedwalk (or other) commands are shown on the status line (up to a maximum of 50 characters). If there are more than 50 characters outstanding, you will see "..." following the speedwalk string.

If you change your mind about speedwalking (while some directions are still queued), you can use Discard queued commands to discard any queued commands.

Bypassing the speedwalk queue

You can set up an alias to "send to immediate" which will bypass the speedwalk queue. This lets you, for example, "say" to other players while you still have queued speedwalks.

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(EvaluateSpeedwalk) Evaluates a speed walk string
(RemoveBacktracks) Removes backtracks from a speed walk string
(ReverseSpeedwalk) Reverses a speed walk string
(SpeedWalkDelay) The number of milliseconds delay between speed walk commands

(Help topic: general=speed_walking)

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