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Commented softcode

This lets you send large amounts of data to the world in a single operation (eg. from a disk file). You might use this for sending attibutes to a MUSH or similar.

Commented Softcode

The purpose of this is to keep the (rather obscure) softcode commands in a text file with lots of comments in them. Then, in sending them to the MUSH the comments are stripped out.

Basically, there are two different kinds of softcode formatting - #-commented and @@-commented, with slightly different rules. The basic part is you take a segment like

&attrib Object=





You start with the first line and append all subsequent lines until you get a '-' in the first column. The different commenting styles are like this:

# This is #-commenting

# Comments are determined by having a '#' in the first column.

&attrib Object=


Bleh # This goes through as well - # not on first column

Bleh @@ In this case, @@ comments go through


The other commenting style

@@ This is @@-commenting

@@ Basically, anything after @@ on a line is stripped

MUSHclient determines which style to use by the first non-blank line of softcode.

If the first line starts with "#" then hash-commenting is used, otherwise the "@@" commenting style is used.

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