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MUSHclient has an internal notepad editor (similar to the Windows Notepad program).

This is useful for working on things whilst mudding. For example, you could type in a lengthy room description into a notepad window.

The notepad also lets you do useful conversions, like Unix to DOS, Base-64 encode/decode, quote forum codes, convert/unconvert HTML special characters.

You can also do find-and-replace.

There is a "bracket matcher" for finding the matching parenthesis in C code, or MUSHcode. This is configurable.

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(ASCIIart) Generate ASCII art
(CloseAllNotepadWindows) Closes all open notepad windows
(CompleteFunction) Invokes a menu of function names that match a partially typed one
(FindNextNotepad) Find Next
(FindNotepad) Find
(FlipToNotepad) Flips to related world window
(GlobalReplace) Does a global find-and-replace on the selected text using string.gsub
(GoToNotepadLine) Go To
(NotesWorkArea) Opens a notepad window for working on long commands etc.


Choose notepad window
Complete Function Name
Global Replace
Notepad window


(ActivateNotepad) Activates a notepad window
(AppendToNotepad) Appends text to a notepad window
(CloseNotepad) Closes a notepad window
(GetNotepadLength) Gets the length of the text in a notepad window
(GetNotepadList) Gets the list of open notepads - returning their titles
(GetNotepadText) Gets the text from a notepad window
(MoveNotepadWindow) Move and resize the specified notepad window
(NotepadColour) Changes the text and background colour of the selected notepad window
(NotepadFont) Changes the font and style of the selected notepad window
(NotepadReadOnly) Make a selected notepad window read-only
(NotepadSaveMethod) Changes the save method for this notepad window
(ReplaceNotepad) Replaces text in a notepad window
(SaveNotepad) Saves a notepad window to disk
(SendToNotepad) Creates a notepad and sends text to it

(Help topic: general=notepad)

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