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MXP - Mud Extension Protocol

What is MXP?

MXP stands for Mud Extension Protocol.

It is a method for MUD servers to specify formatting and content information which goes beyond the scope of what is available with ANSI escape codes. For instance, using MXP a server can designate a line as a room description, exit, hyperlink, and so on.

For example:

This word is <b>bold</b>.
<RoomDesc>This is a room description</RoomDesc>

MUSHclient support

MUSHclient supports most of the MXP features as documented in the MXP specs. When receiving MXP commands from a MUD you will probably see hyperlinks (that you can click on) and pop-up menus (by right-mouse clicking on a link).

Server support

Various MUDs now support MXP. Probably one of the best is in the Dawn Of Time server, which has extensive support. Various other MUDs also have MXP support.

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