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HTML version used

This site has been prepared using standard HTML version 2.0. It is designed to be non-browser specific, and to work with text browsers such as Lynx. For more details about making sites not browser-specific, click on the "Any Browser" button below, or go to: http://www.anybrowser.org/


The entire site has been checked using the Weblint HTML-checking program, which is copyright 1994-1997 Neil Bowers. Weblint can be obtained from: ftp://ftp.cre.canon.co.uk/pub/weblint/weblint.tar.gz

What is missing from this site

What this site does not have is Java, VBscript, cookies, animated GIF pictures, sounds, movies, frames and all that other ridiculous rubbish that just makes web pages slow to download, clumsy to use, browser-specific, intrusive, and just downright annoying.

Year 2000 compliance

This site is year 2000 compliant. :)

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