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Release notes for MUSHclient version 3.01

Version 3.01

Released on 24 Jul 2000

1. Changed Ctrl+S to now do a "save world details".

2. Changed Ctrl+P to now do a "print".

3. Fixed a bug in Game -> Test Trigger, where the colour displayed for a matched trigger was incorrect.

4. Fixed a bug where if you did a "recall" (Ctrl+U) and nothing matched, an empty "recall" window would be opened. Now a window is only opened if something matches.

5. Fixed some minor errors in the help file.

6. After selecting text in the output window, and then copying it, the output window is now automatically un-paused. Otherwise you have an annoying extra step (unpausing the window) every time you copy some text from the command window.

7. Changed registration process to ask if you live in Australia. This is because residents of Australia now pay a Goods and Services Tax (GST). If you indicate that you live in Australia then you will be charged in Australian Dollars, and we will forward the appropriate tax amount to the taxation authorities. The GST is included in the MUSHclient registration fee.

8. Change the "Windows Socket Info" (under the File menu) to show the name and IP address(es) of the PC you are running MUSHclient on. If more than one IP address is shown it will because you have multiple network adapters (eg. a network card, and a dial-up Internet connection).

9. New trigger option: "expand variables". This lets you use variables inside a trigger, the same way as you can inside an alias. eg. "unlock @direction" - this would unlock the door in the direction of whatever was stored in the variable "direction". If this option is checked, and you need to send a "@", then enter "@@".

10. When doing a "test trigger" there is now an option to ignore any matching triggers that match on incoming colours or styles. This is because there is no provision for typing colours or styles into the text box, and thus you may get a false result.

11. New option on "commands" configuration screen - "keep command on same line as prompt". This is for "prompting" MUDs (ie. where there is a prompt at the start of the line), and you want to see your command appearing next to the prompt, and not on a new line.

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