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SMAUG server FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about SMAUG server.

Summary The server won't start up.
Question I deleted some of the existing areas, now the MUD server won't start.

There are some hard-coded vnums in the server. If you remove the areas which load the mobs/rooms/objects for those vnums then some functions will not work properly. A list of "well-known" vnums appears below, however it is not necessarily comprehensive. You should type ZONES to find which areas these vnums appear in, and leave them in the AREA.LST file.

Well-known mob vnums

cityguard 3060
vampire 80
animated_corpse 5
poly_wolf 10
poly_mist 11
poly_bat 12
poly_hawk 13
poly_cat 14
poly_dove 15
poly_fish 16
deity 17

Well-known object vnums

money_one 2
money_some 3
corpse_npc 10
corpse_pc 11
severed_head 12
torn_heart 13
sliced_arm 14
sliced_leg 15
spilled_guts 16
blood 17
bloodstain 18
scraps 19
mushroom 20
light_ball 21
spring 22
skin 23
slice 24
shopping_bag 25
bloodlet 26
fire 30
trap 31
portal 32
black_powder 33
scroll_scribing 34
flask_brewing 35
note 36
deity 64
school_mace 10315
school_dagger 10312
school_sword 10313
school_vest 10308
school_shield 10310
school_banner 10311

Well-known room vnums

limbo 2
poly 3
hell 8
chat 1200
temple 21001
altar 21194
school 10300
room_auth_start 100
halloffallen 21195

These vnums appear in the following area:

  • limbo.are
  • newacad.are
  • gods.are
  • newdark.are
  • newgate.are

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