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Opens a file for output


f = io.output (filename)


Opens filename for output in text mode. Raises an error if it cannot.

If opened OK returns a handle to the opened file, and makes it the default output file.

If called with no argument, returns the handle to the default output file.

If called with a file handle, sets the default output file to that handle.

f = io.output ("test.txt") --> handle to new file
f:write ("some data here") -- write to it
f:close ()  -- close that file now

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f:close - Closes a file
f:flush - Flushes outstanding data to disk
f:lines - Returns an iterator function for reading the file line-by-line
f:read - Reads the file according to the specified formats
f:seek - Sets and gets the current file position
f:setvbuf - Sets the buffering mode for an output file
f:write - Writes to a file
io.close - Closes a file
io.flush - Flushes outstanding data to disk for the default output file
io.input - Opens filename for input in text mode
io.lines - Returns an iterator function for reading a named file line-by-line
io.open - Opens a file
io.popen - Creates a pipe and executes a command
io.read - Reads from the default input file
io.stderr - File handle for standard error file
io.stdin - File handle for standard input file
io.stdout - File handle for standard output file
io.tmpfile - Returns a handle to a temporary file
io.type - Returns type of file handle
io.write - Writes to the default output file


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