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Scripting Error

This dialog is shown if there is an error in the scripting engine.

Copy Details

Click to copy the error information to the Clipboard (so you can email it to someone or post the error on the forum).

Error number:

The decimal error number.


Where the error occurred (eg. Line and column)

Raised by:

Which world (and which plugin if applicable) caused this error message.

This field does not appear for script errors that are not related to any particular world (eg. dialog filters, spell checker, notepad find-and-replace).


A description of the error from the script engine.

Called by:

Where the script was called from (eg. Which trigger, alias etc.)

Show errors in output window next time

If you check this, future errors for this world will not be shown in this dialog box, but instead will be sent directly to the output window. To change this behaviour, see the world configuration, scripting configuration tab.

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(Help topic: dialog=IDD_SCRIPT_ERROR)

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