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Software requirements

You can run MUSHclient version 2 (or later versions) on:

It also runs under Wine on Linux. For getting started with Wine, see MUSHclient forum - Wine. Read about Wine at Wine HQ.

If you are having trouble getting MUSHclient to work under Wine, set the Wine "Windows emulation mode" to "Windows 98".

Disk space requirements

MUSHclient requires around 11 Mb of disk after installation. The installer itself is about 2.5 Mb so you would need about 15 Mb of free disk to do an installation. MUSHclient stores your world (MUD) configuration in "world files" which are just XML-based text files. Typically they would be around 20 Kb per world, although the size would depend on the number of triggers, aliases, timers, and scripts you used.

You can also download plugins from this web site and others. Plugins are typically around 10 Kb to 60 Kb in size, depending on what they do.

Sound support

For sound support (to play multiple sounds simultaneously) you need DirectX 9 or above installed. You can run MUSHclient without DirectX, however then you can only play a single sound at a time.

Version 1.04 for Windows 3.1

You can also run version 1.04 under Windows 3.1 (or Windows for Workgroups 3.11) provided you have installed Win32s version 1.30 or higher. (Win32s allows you to run 32-bit programs under Windows 3.1). Details about how to obtain Win32s are supplied in the documentation accompanying the program.

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