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SMAUG server

SMAUG server v1.4a for Windows

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FUSS is an acronym for (F)ixed (U)p (S)MAUG (S)ource. FUSS contains all of the bug fixes linked to and listed in the SMAUG bug fixes list at the MUD Planet MUD Forums. It has also been made GPL compliant through the removal of the IMC2 GPL files.

Note - the FUSS files are not precompiled, you will need to compile them before running a MUD. Windows users are recommended to download and install Cygwin to do this.

Detailed information about doing compiles, getting a compiler, making changes, and other useful topics are in the web page How to make changes, including compiling.

If you want to install Cygwin (to compile Unix source under Windows) there is a guide to doing that at How to install Cygwin.

To add MXP (Mud eXtension Protocol) to SMAUG, see How to add MXP support to your MUD server. However, if you are using FUSS (below) you need a different patch file than mentioned on that page, see below.

Acknowledgement: The above FUSS files were obtained from The SMAUG FUSS project (http://www.smaugmuds.org/).

Original SMAUG

If you have problems setting up the server, see FAQs about setting up a SMAUG server which covers common issues about the SMAUG server.

The "executable" download above will run on Windows, you do not need to compile it or use Cygwin. However if you want to make changes (other than configuration file changes) then you need to download a "source" version, obtain a compiler, and recompile it. Detailed information about doing compiles is on the web page how to make changes, including compiling.

Area Editor for Windows

Click on Area Editor Downloads to download the Area Editor.

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