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MUSHclient downloads

Version 5.06

Want the very latest version?

The version shown on this page is considered the latest stable version. That is, it has been released for a while with no major bugs reported. However often more recent versions are available on the MUSHclient Announcements part of the Forum. Follow that link to see if there is a more recent version announced. Look for a thread with a heading like "Version 5.xx released".

Newly-released versions are often quite stable, unless they were released only yesterday, in which case there might not have been time for bug reports to filter in.

Download the installer for the current version

MD5 sum for the download

If you do an md5sum on mushclient506.exe you should get this result:


The forum post a small script to sumcheck the MUSHclient download shows how you can write a small script in MUSHclient to do the sumcheck.

Installation notes

Warning about Lua 5.1 upgrade

MUSHclient version 3.80 upgraded the Lua script engine from Lua 5.0.2 to 5.1.1. If you are upgrading to this version from an earlier version than 3.80, you should read Version 3.80 released - with Lua 5.1 script engine - this post has recommendations about what is required if you use Lua scripting or Lua plugins.

Release notes

You can view the release notes for version 4.94


Many frequently-encountered problems are discussed on the MUSHclient FAQ forum posting. Please read that before reporting difficulties.

Wine (Linux)

We have had some success running MUSHclient under Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator) - a system for running Windows program under Linux.

Our most recent successful test has been with wine-1.0.1. If you have problems with MUSHclient crashing when trying to open a Notepad window, try upgrading Wine to version 1.0.1 or higher. Alternatively, go into "Configure Wine" and set the Windows Version to Windows 98.

MUSHclient has a "/wine" command-line option that you can try if you have problems starting MUSHclient under Wine. This disables some of the COM (Component Object Model) calls, and disables scripting. Lua scripting is still available, even with "/wine" specified. However, our most recent test has MUSHclient running successfully without using the /wine option.

Wine can be obtained from http://www.winehq.org/.


for some more tips about recent attempts to run MUSHclient under Wine.

Other files you can download for use with MUSHclient

The files below are useful utilities as mentioned in various forum posts:

Warning! - some of the forum threads mentioned above also have links to downloading files of the same name, but these are generally for older versions of MUSHclient which used Lua 5.0. The files on this page are the correct ones to use with the version of MUSHclient which you download here (which uses Lua 5.1).

MD5 sums for the above files:

fa6515b07b043812d77c9b9dc0ce3f53 G15_Display.zip
ed273179233b1c3da2fdebca1af7b390 lua5.1.zip
2d6e852f332db06978ffa57d56817b00 lua5.1_lib.zip
f26034eee3ec1720aa2997230d24358b luac5.1.zip
3a5d1c196819d957578f77231070153e mysql.zip
43b953fe2f93cb98d39aa3ae63776f5d libmySQL.zip
7ebf3323439afe75d47f565c3a477d0e odbc.zip

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